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Review of the Recognised Entity program

The department works with Recognised Entities to facilitate the sharing of cultural information to help inform decision making regarding vulnerable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families.

In recognition of the critical need to reduce the over-representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in the child protection system, and ensure children and young people in out-of-home care remain connected to culture, country and kin, we are undertaking a comprehensive review of the Recognised Entity program as an expanded response to Recommendation 11.4 in the Queensland Child Protection Commission of Inquiry’s final report.

The review will:

  • identify opportunities to enhance the role and function of Recognised Entities so that staff can be more active and meaningful participants in providing relevant cultural and family advice at significant decision making points
  • result in the development of revised arrangements that better meet the needs and aspirations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and communities, and support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children to remain safely at home
  • articulate the skill and capability requisites for staff in line with the revised arrangements.

Commencing in June 2016, a statewide consultation process will be jointly led by the department, QATSICPP and Dr Chris Sarra to inform to the review.

The consultation process comprises 20 forums in 10 locations across the state. It will enable family and community representatives, service providers, peak agencies, Child Safety staff and stakeholders across the government and non-government sector to provide feedback and input to the review.

The design and rollout of new Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Family Wellbeing services will also contribute to determining the revised arrangements for embedding greater community authority and cultural perspectives in decision making processes.

The review is scheduled to be completed by November 2016.

Following the review, the department will scope training requirements and design pathways to ensure staff from the community-controlled sector have the necessary knowledge and skills to support the revised arrangements and contribute to improved outcomes for vulnerable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and children.

The revised arrangements and subsequent training activities will be aligned with the implementation of other reforms, including the Strengthening Families Protecting Children Framework for Practice, Indigenous practice reforms, review of the of the Child Protection Act 1999 and court work reforms, and also link to broader sector workforce capability and capacity development led by QATSICPP and the Queensland Family and Child Commission.

The review will also contribute to, and align with goals and aspirations of, the Queensland action plan for vulnerable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families under development. 

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