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Information for disability providers

NDIS preparation

The future NDIS market will be significantly different to the current disability service system. Existing providers of disability supports have a wealth of expertise and have well-established relationships with people and families, positioning them well to grow in the NDIS environment.

To be ready for the NDIS, organisations need to:

  • understand what supports people want to purchase, and decide what supports their organisation will offer
  • understand how to attract people with disability to choose their organisation to deliver supports, and how to retain customers
  • have a plan to be able to deliver viable services, based on a good understanding of costs, and develop realistic and competitive prices for services
  • have business and financial systems that can manage the new ways organisations are paid for delivering support
  • have systems to manage staffing in response to potential ebbs and flows in demand and flexibility in the ways customers want services delivered.

Tools and resources

To assist service providers to get ready for the NDIS, the Nous Group was commissioned by the Queensland Government, with support from the Sector Development Fund, to create tools and resources to support organisations to respond to consumer demand in the NDIS.

The package includes six provider support resources, addressing different aspects of engaging and responding to consumer demand – including assessing the local market, understanding service costs and understanding how to market services to clients. 

The resource pack addressing the challenges identified in the survey report (PDF, 127 KB) survey report (RTF, 217 KB) enabling service providers to build their capacity to respond to different aspects of engaging and responding to consumer demand in the NDIS environment. 

The tools and resources have been developed to work together as a package or as individual supporting resources.

Service providers can also access:

  • The online Business Development Package developed as part of the Sector Readiness and Workforce Capacity Initiative delivered by the Health and Community Services Workforce Council, in partnership with National Disability Services Queensland
  • Workshops to assist and support small to medium disability service and community care providers to prepare for implementation the NDIS. NDS has been funded to deliver these workshops and Workshop dates are available on the NDS website
  • Resources developed by Multicultural Affairs Queensland (MAQ) to support organisations be responsive to the needs of people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds.

More information and resources on the Sector Development Fund and preparing your organisation for the NDIS are available from the NDIS.

The Department of Education and Training also offers training to support workforce development in the disability sector.

Transition timeframes

The Bilateral Agreement outlines both expected start dates for the NDIS rollout across Queensland areas and the agreed participant intake per quarter. To assist services providers with planning for the NDIS information about the expected timeframe for each area's transition is available here. The completion date is when it is agreed that delivery of disability services for all eligible clients will be funded through the NDIS.

Registering as an NDIA service provider

Organisations interested in registering as a provider with the NDIS in Queensland can find out more about the registration process by visiting the NDIS website

Please refer to the NDIA Provider Guide to Suitability for guidance on qualifications, experience, capacity and approvals required to provide specialist disability services.

Queensland's existing quality and safeguards system applies to all NDIS providers registered to deliver specialist disability services in Queensland during the NDIS transition.

  • Toolkit for providers

    Building capacity of organisations to respond to the consumer demand in the NDIS toolkit.

  • Continuity of Support

    People receiving disability supports funded by the Queensland Government who do not meet NDIS access requirements will be assisted.

  • Information, linkages and capacity building

    ILC is an important part of the NDIS and grants will be provided to organisations to carry out ILC activities for people with disability in the community.

For more information

Find out more information about the NDIS, access general information about the scheme and sign-up for the NDIS e-newsletter or call the NDIS Hotline 1800 800 110.

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Read the Queensland specific NDIS factsheets or current services for Queenslanders with disability or call 13 QGOV (13 74 68)

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