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Industry and partners

  • Partnering for the future: advancing Queensland's community services industry 2017–25

    This strategy is a key part of the reforms. It provides a roadmap for the Queensland Government and community services industry to work together to transform and strengthen the industry, for the benefit of clients and communities.

  • Forecasting the future: community services in Queensland 2025

    This report analyses the current and future state of the community services industry in Queensland and identifies associated implications. Its findings have informed the reform agenda and development of the community services industry strategy.

  • Shaping technology priorities for the community services industry

    Technology is playing an important role in transforming business and service delivery processes for the community services industry. Share your views on current and future technology priorities and find out what information and support services are available today. Get involved by attending a regional forum and/or completing a survey.

  • Logan Together

    The Queensland government contributions to the Logan Together place-based collective impact initiative have been approved for implementation in 2017.

  • Models for supporting translational research in community services

    Research and innovation are identified as priorities for action in the Partnering for the future strategy. This report by PriceWaterhouseCoopers identifies research translation models that enable research innovation and deliver positive benefits for the Queensland community services industry.

  • Stakeholder engagement

    The department engages widely with stakeholders in developing and implementing reforms.

  • Funding and grants

    Find out about current funding and grants opportunities.

  • Criminal history screening

    From 1 July 2006 the Disability Services Act 2006 introduces criminal history screening for all people engaged by funded non-government service providers.

  • Guide, hearing and assistance dogs

    Information about guide, hearing and assistance dogs.

  • Elderly Parent Carer Innovation Initiative

    This three year trial was announced as part of the 2012-13 Queensland Government budget to provide sustainable living arrangements for the adult sons and daughters with a disability of elderly parent carers.

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