Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors

About criminal history screening

People with disability can be more vulnerable to abuse, neglect and exploitation than other members of the community.

In Queensland, people who work for a provider funded by the Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors, or for an NDIS registered provider including sole traders, require a Yellow Card.

To obtain a Yellow Card workers and volunteers need to undergo a criminal history check and be issued with a positive notice.

Providers are responsible for identifying which roles and jobs need screening, and for submitting applications before a person starts work. Paid employees can start work once an application has been submitted, with appropriate safeguards in place.

Eligibility to hold a Yellow Card is assessed based on a national check of criminal history. Criminal history information for card holders is monitored by Queensland Police. If the Police information changes, suitability to hold a Yellow Card may be re-assessed and/or suspended.

Yellow Card holders are responsible for renewing their card prior to expiry, and for notifying their employer/s if there are any changes to their details, including a change in criminal history.