From 1 July 2019, Yellow Card system fees will increase as per the annual indexation rate for fees and charges.

Applications may take up to 28 business days to finalise, and in some circumstances longer.

Paid employees can start work once an application has been submitted, with appropriate safeguards in place.

The Disability Services Act 2006 outlines the criminal history screening requirements for people who work for a provided funded by the Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors, or for an NDIS registered provider, including sole traders.

It is an offence to apply for a Yellow Card for a person who is disqualified. A list of disqualifying offences is available in the Disability Services Act 2006.

In order to carry out the screening process, the department will collect information through a range of forms.

For further information in relation to forms for particular employment types, please refer to the Information Sheet: Screening scenarios for persons engaged in disability services (PDF, 460 KB) Information Sheet: Screening scenarios for persons engaged in disability services (DOC, 386 KB)

For service providers:

These forms are for service providers to complete on behalf of the applicant. 

For sole traders: 

Sole traders who are NDIS registered are required to undergo criminal history screening to deliver prescribed disability services to NDIS participants.

These forms are for sole traders proposing to start or continue to deliver services for people with disability under the Disability Services Act 2006 section 52.

For Yellow Card holders and applicants: 

These forms are supporting forms for Yellow Card holders and applicants.

Expansion of disqualifying and serious offences

The range of disqualifying and serious offences has been expanded and there is a new framework for dealing with charges and convictions for a serious offence. More information on the new framework is available in the Disability Services Act 2006.

NDIS worker screening requirements 

Under NDIS quality and safeguards, NDIS registered providers and sole traders need to consider a wider range of roles and jobs that may require worker screening. It's important that NDIS providers understand how to assess which roles and jobs require screening. More information is available on the NDIS Commission website.

Anyone already working in a role or job that now requires worker screening, can continue but must lodge an application for a Yellow Card by the end of October 2019.