Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors

About sponsorship funding

The department receives a large number of sponsorship requests and has developed the following guidelines to enable consideration of all sponsorship requests objectively.


The department will consider proposals in all categories, except:

  • initiatives that include relationships with tobacco and alcohol companies
  • initiatives that promote exploitation of children or young people
  • initiatives that do not recognise diversity in communities, families or culture
  • initiatives that promote relationships with organisations that are under the regulatory or licensing authority of the department
  • initiatives that include product endorsements.

Benefits for the department

The department actively seeks opportunities to promote added value to Queensland communities and documenting such opportunities will benefit your proposal. Logo exposure opportunities for the department should not be considered the primary benefit of sponsorship.

The following list of opportunities is provided as a guide only to assist with your proposal development. The list provides examples of opportunities of interest to the department:

  • naming rights to the initiative or a component of the initiative
  • onsite information facility - exhibition stand
  • access to your mailing list - to send information about our involvement/commitment/objectives
  • promotion of our key messages through media - interviews and community service announcements that align with our strategic objectives (not just logo exposure)
  • provision of information materials and/or Internet content
  • speaking opportunities for representatives of the department
  • conducting audience research before, during and/or after the event, that include responses to questions posed by sponsors and feedback provided to sponsors
  • launching a new policy or initiative for the department
  • promoting employee morale.