Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors

How to apply

Generally requests need to be received six months ahead of the activity or event in order to ensure that appropriate consideration is given to the request, that funding commitments are taken into account and reporting requirements are able to be met.

Sponsorship proposals should provide a specific opportunity for the department to promote our message to the audience.

Information required

All requests should include the following information:

  • An executive summary - outlining how the proposal links with the department’s strategic objectives and target audience.
  • Background information on the company or body that manages the event/activity, including a proven ability to manage similar initiatives, proven ability to manage funds, and executive management team credentials.
  • Background information and statistics on the event/activity over previous years.
  • The proposed target market for the event, including demographic, geographic and psychographic information.
  • The proposed date and location of the event/activity.
  • An overview of marketing plan including details about marketing and media coverage of the event/activity prior to start date, including logistical and budget responsibility.
  • A comprehensive list of benefits, including how they relate to the department.
  • Specific opportunities to promote the department's key messages to your audience.
  • Purpose of the sponsorship (i.e. specific activities the sponsorship will be used to fund).

Process for consideration

  • All submissions are reviewed by the Events and Sponsorship Coordinator to assess suitability, feasibility and resources required (human and monetary).
  • For all sponsorship considerations, the department requires a written proposal to be evaluated.
  • Organisations seeking sponsorship may be assessed by industry bodies to authenticate credentials.
  • Recommended proposals will be presented to applicable business units within the department for approval.
  • Receipt of your proposal will be acknowledged within four weeks.

Sponsorship submissions seeking financial funding should be forwarded to: 

Contact: Events and Sponsorship Coordinator
Postal Address: Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services
Strategic Communication Services Branch
GPO Box 806

(07) 3006 4020