Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors

Recognition of alternative accreditation or certification – for new providers of disability services in Qld

The HSQF recognises that providers may hold certification or accreditation under other industry or quality systems.

To reduce unnecessary duplication, where a provider’s existing certification or accreditation aligns well with the HSQF and is appropriate for the registration groups being delivered, providers can request recognition of their alternative accreditation or certification as meeting quality assurance requirements under the HSQF.

Queensland Community Care and acceptance of Home Care Standards (Australian Government)

Some department-funded Queensland Community Care services are in-scope for Queensland’s quality and safeguards framework.

Where a Community Care provider is seeking to register with the NDIS, the provider will need to submit a request for recognition of alternative accreditation such as accreditation against the Home Care Standards or self-assessment (whichever is relevant).

Once registered with the NDIS, providers will need to ensure that they meet the legislative and non-legislative safeguards that apply to provision of prescribed disability services such as the requirements of the Disability Services Act 2006 for criminal history screening. Further information on these requirements is outlined in the Guide to Suitability.

Alternative accreditation - application and review process

Alternative accreditation/certification or professional qualifications will need to be current as of the submission date for it to be considered valid. To submit a request for assessment, providers are required to:

  • submit a copy of the letter from the NDIS listing the registration groups that could not be approved and are ‘pending state approval’ for Queensland.

Specialist Behaviour Support and Support Coordination

Professional practitioners (e.g. social or health science professional) who do not hold a professional qualification and membership as specified in the NDIS Provider Registration Guide to Suitability for Specialist Behaviour Support (0110) and Support Coordination (0132) may be eligible for registration approval based on a competency assessment. For further information on this competency framework, contact the HSQF team on (07) 3247 3072 or email

Note (Criminal history screening requirements):

  • For Sole Traders: evidence of an application (e.g. email notification that an application has been made) or current positive notice for the relevant criminal history screening requirements needs to be provided with the alternative accreditation application form

  • For organisations: evidence of appropriate policies and procedures need to be provided with the alternative accreditation application form.

Review process

  • Incomplete applications will be returned to providers for completion and resubmission to the HSQF mailbox.

  • Requests will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and providers will receive (via email) a letter of notification from the department advising of the outcome of the assessment. The department may also request copies of relevant documents that relate to quality service delivery and legislative safeguards as part of the review process.

  • Where an accreditation or certification is accepted, the letter of notification can be used as evidence of meeting quality assurance requirements for the HSQF for uploading to the NDIS provider portal.

Alternative accreditation application checklist

  • Ensure the request form is complete and the declaration is signed
  • Ensure you have a copy of the current, relevant accreditation certificates and reports and/or a copy of current professional qualifications or membership
  • Email completed documents and a copy of the 'pending state approval' letter from the NDIS listing the registration groups that could not be approved to