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Partnering for the future: advancing Queensland's community services industry 2017–25

The community services industry encompasses a wide range of organisations that operate across the state delivering vital support to Queenslanders experiencing vulnerability or disadvantage. This support includes child safety, disability and domestic and family violence services; housing and homelessness services; and services for young people, seniors, women, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

The industry and its work are crucial to Queensland’s social wellbeing and economic growth. Community services play a key role in improving people’s wellbeing and life outcomes, promoting their active participation in the community, reducing disadvantage and boosting productivity.

The industry is also fast-growing and dynamic. It provides jobs for around 45,000 Queenslanders and is predicted to be a major source of jobs for the future, including in regional areas.

Roadmap for proactive change

The community services industry is experiencing major changes that require new ways of doing business, new approaches to designing, financing and providing services, and a strong workforce with the diverse range of job roles and skill sets to deliver these innovations.

Partnering for the future: advancing Queensland’s community services industry2017–25 (PDF, 4.6 MB) has been co-developed by the community services industry and the Queensland Government to provide a roadmap for proactively addressing these changes. It sets out priorities for action across four focus areas to ensure the industry is well positioned to meet Queensland’s current and future needs and grow its contribution to the state’s communities and economy:

  1. Improving outcomes for individuals, families and communities
  2. Growing jobs and skills
  3. Positioning the industry for success
  4. Enabling system-wide transformation.

Partnering for the future: action plan 2017–18 (PDF, 814 KB) sets out the way forward for delivering on strategy priorities. It is the first in a series of short-term action plans for co-implementation of the strategy by the industry and government.

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