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Shaping technology priorities for the community services industry

The community services industry is increasingly under pressure to do more with less. With changes in funding sources and an increasing demand for services from the Queensland community, the industry is experiencing significant change. Technology will play an important role in supporting our industry during this transition.

What’s the focus?

Partnering for the future: Advancing Queensland's community services industry 2017-25 identified technology as a key enabler for the future of the industry. The Partnering for the future: action plan 2017–18 (PDF, 814 KB) focusses on supporting the industry to explore and adopt new technology and digital initiatives that improve client outcomes and increase productivity. 

You are invited to contribute to the development of a Technology Blueprint (the Blueprint) to support the community services industry to use technology to better advance service delivery and business operations. 

The Blueprint will be developed jointly by the community services industry and Queensland Government.

Why is the Blueprint important?

While technology provides our industry with many opportunities, it does come with some challenges.

The Technology Blueprint intends to outline what the community services industry may look like from a technology enabled lens, helping to position the industry to utilise the power of technology to meet Queensland’s current and future service needs.

More specifically, it is expected to:

  • define what the technology landscape looks like today and what it may look like in the future
  • identify current and future technology priorities for our industry aligned to service delivery
  • highlight the common challenges and barriers to adopting new technology
  • inform potential types of initiatives/solutions to best support the industry
  • showcase existing resources and services available today, including a small sample of case studies.

Benefits of getting involved?

You will be connected to services and information available today to support your organisation. For example, to improve digital workforce literacy and digital organisational capability.

For those able to attend a regional forum, you will also receive:

  • information on current trends and emerging thinking in technology for our industry
  • an opportunity to share your organisation’s technology related priorities and challenges
  • ideas on potential new technology solutions from the facilitators and other attendees.

Working together, we will be better positioned to utilise the power of technology to meet Queensland’s current and future service needs.

Don’t miss your chance to have an active voice in shaping the technology priorities for our industry!

How can you get involved?

To inform the development the Blueprint, share your views on current and future technology priorities for your organisation and get linked to information and services support that are available today.

Get involved by:

  • completing a short online survey (approximately 10 minutes) and/or
  • registering to attend a regional forum
    • Townsville – Monday 18 June
    • Cairns – Tuesday 19 June
    • Brisbane – Thursday 21 June
    • Rockhampton – Monday 25 June
    • Emerald – Tuesday 26 June
    • Toowoomba – Thursday 28 June

Who do I contact for more information?

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