Queensland Volunteering Action Partnership

The Queensland Volunteering Action Partnership has been established to bring together expertise from government, community and corporate sectors to identify strategic priorities and drive joint actions to increase volunteering participation and realise the associated social, economic and cultural benefits for Queensland.

Membership includes representatives from Volunteering Queensland, Volunteering North Queensland, University of Queensland, Community Services Industry Alliance, Local Government Association of Queensland, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland, Queenslanders with Disability Network, Red Cross Queensland and young people.

Government agencies involved in fire and emergency services, sport and recreation, tourism and local government, and working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and culturally and linguistically diverse communities are also represented.

The Partnership has been established initially for a period of 12 months. The first meeting was held on 21 July 2020.

An Action Plan focussing on addressing current issues in volunteering has been prepared to guide the work of the Partnership. The Partnership will oversee the implementation of the Plan, including actions by Volunteering Queensland to extend the legacy of the Care Army, building on the good will and awareness the Care Army has generated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Information on volunteering

More information about volunteering is available on the Queensland Government website.

If you are interested in emergency, Care Army, special events or other types of volunteering, you can register your interest with Volunteering Queensland or call 07 3002 7600.