Satisfaction survey


Our Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey is conducted annually to measure stakeholder satisfaction with their engagement with the department.

Stakeholders in non-government organisations, local, state and federal governments, universities and other partners within the broad community services industry are invited to participate in the survey. Respondents include representatives from across Queensland and from across service areas - child protection, disability, multicultural, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and community services organisations. All responses are provided anonymously.

Stakeholder engagement is a method of achieving positive outcomes for clients through the effective management and maintenance of relationships. This feedback helps the department to build upon its engagement work with stakeholders to drive future improvement in service delivery and client outcomes.

Figure 1 and Table 1 below show the number of survey responses received for each annual survey since 2014.


Main findings

Overall satisfaction

The overall rate of stakeholder satisfaction in their engagement with the department is 90%. This is consistent with the 2016 overall survey result (90%).

Overall satisfaction of non-government organisations and government and other partner stakeholders

As a series of reforms in child protection and disability services has occurred in Queensland, we have increased our focus on engagement with its partners in the community services industry. This engagement may have contributed to the high level of satisfaction expressed by non-government organisations (90%), and the increase in satisfaction expressed by government and other partner stakeholders from the previous year (from 82% in 2016 to 89% in 2017).

The satisfaction result for non-government organisations is also reported as part of our Service Delivery Statement. The result of 90% exceeds the target of 85% set for this measure.

Figure 2 and Table 2 below show the rates of satisfaction for each annual survey since 2014.

Satisfaction of non-government organisations across service areas

The majority of surveys were completed by stakeholders from non-government organisations (69%).

Respondents are asked to nominate the key services they provide and the departmental area with which they most frequently interact. A breakdown of the survey results based on these service areas helps direct feedback to the relevant area within the former department. The service areas were:

  • Child Protection Services*
  • Disability Services
  • Community Services – including women, seniors, youth and multicultural services

Figure 3 and Table 3 below show the satisfaction of non-government organisations for each service area. Results are provided from 2016, as service information was not collected prior to this period.

While satisfaction remained high (81%) and just below the target of 85%, lower satisfaction was reported by non-government organisations delivering child protection services compared to other service areas. High satisfaction results were reported across years by non-government organisations delivering disability services (91% in 2017 from 88% in 2016) and community services (94% in 2017 from 97% in 2016).

Satisfaction of Forum Members and Advisory Committee Members with engagement in the development of policies, programs and legislation

In 2017 a survey question was added to measure the satisfaction of members of departmental forum and advisory committees with their engagement with the department in the development of policies, programs and legislation.

A total of 94 forum and advisory committee members provided feedback, with an overall satisfaction rate of 88%. This result is comparable to the general level of satisfaction with the department’s engagement of 90%. This result is also reported as part of the department’s Service Delivery Statement and exceeds the target of 75% set for this measure.

Community services industry confidence

To complement the Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey, the department also undertook a general community services industry confidence survey. The results of this survey, first undertaken in 2017, can be found at Industry confidence survey.