B.OLD filmmakers to help change perceptions about ageing

Eight talented film making teams have been awarded $10,000 each to produce short films that challenge perceptions about ageing, as part of the B.OLD short film competition.

Earlier in the year, filmmakers were invited to submit scripts that demonstrated an alternative view of ageing and celebrated the achievements and contributions to our communities by older people.

The competition received 40 entries covering a wide range of topics. The winning scripts include stories about older actors frustrated with being typecast then taking matters into their own hands; friends struggling to keep up with the active lives of their older neighbours; the touching relationships between grandparents and grandchildren; and documentaries about a country music star, champion body builder and a woman getting back in touch with her love for ballet.

The winners include teams led by:

  • Helen Morrison, Bent3Land Productions
  • Tamara Hall, Lovedays Cinema
  • Ljudan Michaelis-Thorpe, Zerodivide Productions
  • Luis Bran, The Moving Picture Lab
  • Andrew Stennett, All Access
  • Susannah Van Aswegen, Van Aswegen Trust
  • Graham Young, BlacMac Productions, and
  • Jeremy Rigby.

The competition supports the production of short films that make audience members consider what it means to get older. The films will be screened at film festivals around the state throughout 2018 and 2019.

You will be able to see the first B.OLD short films at film festivals including the Travelling Film Festival (in Cairns and Townsville), Capricorn Film Festival, Queensland Touring Film Festival, Gold Coast Film Festival, Vision Splendid Film Festival and other special screenings later in the year.

Please contact BOLDshortfilmcompetition@communities.qld.gov.au if you would like to discuss the opportunity of screening B.OLD short films at your film festival or local event.

Find out more about the B.OLD short film competition.