Our priorities

This class of information in our publication scheme provides information about strategy and performance information, plans, assessments, inspections and reviews.

Overarching priority-setting documents
Ministerial charter letters detail the Queensland Government's commitments and priorities ministers are responsible for delivering through the agencies in their portfolios.

Service Delivery Statements (PDF) provide information on the department’s objectives and performance (in addition to financial information for the budget year).

Published informationSummary

Community inclusion, participation and resilience

Priority: Advancing strategies that enable social and economic opportunities for seniors, people with disability, people from the LGBTI community and culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds

Key deliverables:

  • Implement strategies for seniors
  • Establish a roundtable to inform government engagement with the LGBTI community
  • Facilitate responses to the advisory taskforce
  • Facilitate and implement the strategy, and support community hub initiatives and community development
  • Coordinate implementation of the Age-friendly community action plan including the related grants program

Community services

Priority: Valuing, engaging and increasing the number of carers and volunteers

Key deliverable:

  • Continue to support community services delivered by non-government organisations
Priority: Growing capacity and capability of Queensland's community services industry and workforce Key deliverable:
  • Co-design and implement outcomes frameworks and innovative investment initiatives (including social benefit bonds)

Priority: Building social cohesion and connectedness through community action and partnerships

Key deliverables:

  • Partner with stakeholders to implement a community services strategy
  • Support social innovation and enterprise, and service improvement and integration initiatives in conjunction with non-government organisations and other partners
  • Facilitating responsive and integrated services, especially for people and places with complex and highest needs

  • This is an overarching priority to be achieved through implementation of the range of deliverables identified against each specific priority listed here.

Disability Connect Queensland

Priority: Supporting the transition to the NDIS during the progressive roll out across Queensland from July 2016 to June 2019

Key deliverables:

  • Lead and facilitate whole-of-government NDIS transition planning and implementation
  • Lead and facilitate the national strategy in Queensland
Priority: Continuing to deliver quality disability services as required, including providing accommodation support and respite services and quality and safeguards mechanisms Key deliverables:
Priority: Providing basic community care services for people whose needs are not intended to be met by the NDIS
  • Part 9 (Page 58) of the annual report provides the department’s performance ‘scorecard’.