Our services

This class of information in our publication scheme provides information about the services we offer including advice and guidance, booklets and leaflets, transactions and media releases.

Published informationSummary


Includes information about support for carers, LGBTI Queenslanders and Forgotten Australians, as well as concessions, Queensland Companion Card and Carer Discount Business Card, community recovery, suicide prevention, volatile substance misuse and strengthening NGOs.

Community recovery

Building disaster readiness and resilience, and effectively supporting community recovery.

Disability Connect Queensland

Information about support and services for people with a disability and their families.

Media statements

The Minister for Communities and Minister for Disability Services and Seniors.


Information about services, programs, events and initiatives supporting older Queenslanders.


Information for volunteers, volunteer managers and those interested in volunteering, including how to find the right volunteering opportunity for you.