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Foster carer stories

  • Dylan Nelson

    Weekend plans for Natalie Scotcher and Dylan Nelson became very different to most young people their age when at 18 the couple first started providing respite care for foster children.

  • Rose Pearse

    When Rose Pearse became a foster carer 11 years ago she never could have imagined the path her life would take.

  • Matt Twigge

    The Twigges believe that "people come into your life for a reason" and that kids come into their lives and they leave being able to count, or say the alphabet.

  • Donald Mathias

    Love is the key ingredient for Donald Mathias and Millicent Okoh. The love we are giving them and the return of love to us.

  • Meegan Reeves

    "If we can change one person's life then we are doing well"

  • Chris Pye

    It took Chris Pye and Sophiaan Subhan six years to make the decision to become foster carers. It only took a moment for them to know they had made the right decision.

  • Sarah Cox

    Sarah Cox says she really doesn't want to have kids of her own, but acknowledges that there are lots of children who need a foster carer.

  • Renee Allan

    Jim and Renee Allan say team-work is the key to succeeding as foster carers. Trust your partner. You have to be so consistent and you have to have a game plan.

  • Narelle Oliver

    Narelle Oliver and Vivienne Braddock's decision to become foster parents sent ripples through their wider circle of family and friends, generating much love and support.

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